Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation/Date Change policies apply only to confirmed reservations.
  • For any cancellations or date changes, a 10% processing fee will be charged on the total amount of the reservation if made at anytime.
  • If you should cancel within 60 days of arrival date, 25% of the total amount will be charged.
  • If you should cancel within 30 days of arrival date, or if you should not show up at all, 100% of the total amount will not be refunded.
  • However, if you can give us fair warning, and we are able to re-book your confirmed dates to another party, the processing fee will be 25% of the total amount.
  • While they are a rarity, no refunds will be given for occurrences beyond our control including weather, health issues, road conditions, power outages, cancelled flights, early check-outs, no-shows, or date changes.
  • Because unforeseen circumstances may arise, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance. This is for your protection and is a wise and very affordable investment for your own peace of mind.