Go and explore Yosemite National Park on the Park's many trails. Find trails near you like some of the Yosemite Valley trails, Wawona/Mariposa Grove hikes and Tuolumne Meadows trails.

Sight seeing

Go see some of the world's most majestic landscapes. All within just a few minutes drive!


Experience the views of Yosemite on the rivers and lakes found in the park.

Yosemite Mule Rides

Make an extraordinary memory by taking a Mule ride through this world famous National Park.


Grab your fishing gear and fish the beautiful streams, rivers and lakes of Yosemite National Park.


Experience Yosemite in the winter and Ski the slopes at Badger Pass. View the sites on snowshoes and cross country skis.

Those are just a few things...

There is a whole National Park to explore!

And you are only minutes away when you stay at our Lodges!