Things to Know

Centrally located inside the gates of Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Grand Properties offers the closest private accommodations to the Yosemite Valley Floor. We feature completely furnished homes. We are able to accommodate groups ranging from two to fifty people.

Our Location is Great

Located in Yosemite West, just off Highway 41, Yosemite Grand Properties’ central location allows easy access to the Park’s world-famous main attractions.
  • 6 miles to Badger Pass Ski Area
  • 8 miles to Inspiration Point (Tunnel-Valley View)
  • 12 miles to the Wawona Hotel and Golf Course
  • 14 miles to Yosemite Valley and Visitors Center

Please drive slowly and watch out for deer and other animals crossing highways. The speed limit for Yosemite National Park varies, so pay attention to the speed limit signs; Yosemite National Park law enforcement does enforce speed limits very closely.

Winter Conditions

Do not ruin your stay in Yosemite National Park. Every winter many, many accidents occur because visitors do not know how to drive under winter and snowy conditions. Be aware of other drivers; many have never driven on snowy and icy roads. To avoid skids and accidents, brake slowly. When going downhill, your car weighs twice as much and you may have serious problems stopping. Think ahead!


Only Verizon works in Yosemite West, although sometime the signals can be weak. Verizon and AT&T; should work in Yosemite Valley. To better service our guest, we provide a house phone that you can use during your stay.



This is a bear habitat! Please do not feed the animals or leave food or trash in either your car or anywhere else outside. By keeping these areas clean, it is less likely that you will have surprise visitors. Remember that we are the ones who are the strangers. Avoid any contact with wildlife; this can be dangerous.
Bears: Black bears can often be seen in the Yosemite West area. (We do not have grizzlies in Yosemite.) They are generally not dangerous unless the young are threatened. If you see a bear just keep your distance (>100 feet). They are interested in only one thing, FOOD! NOT you! Bears are not a danger to humans if you keep your distance and young are not threatened but they can and will completely destroy your car if you leave food in it.


Deer in Yosemite are like dogs in the neighborhood; there’s always another one around the next curve. They are everywhere. Again, as with bears, just keep your distance and do not attempt to feed them.


We have lots of coyotes. As with bears, they are only interested in one thing, FOOD! They can often be seen prowling the area looking for handouts or small mammals for a meal.

Mice and Insects

Yosemite West is in a wild area. We are surrounded by forest and national park on all borders. As such, mice, chipmunks and insects are pervasive. Although we take every measure to see you are not disturbed by an invading mouse we cannot 100% guarantee that you will not see one in your unit. If so, let us know and we will set traps appropriately.